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Data driven impact in financial services: overcoming challenges, maximising value

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How does ADC create impact for Financial Services organisations?

At ADC, we specialise in leveraging data to drive financial services organisations’ decisions, efficiency, compliance, and innovation. Our expert guidance enables you to improve data quality and governance, develop data-driven solutions, and establish a common way of working across your organisation to create real impact with data and AI.

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Credit Risk

Financial institutions rely on accurate credit risk models for compliance and penalty mitigation within intricate regulatory frameworks. However, these banks often encounter issues like ambiguity, data quality, and resource scarcity. ADC provides an integrated approach by aligning stakeholders, optimising resources, and employing an iterative process to simplify credit risk modeling within the regulatory landscape. This ensures compliance and enhances financial performance for banks.

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Fraud detection and Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Fraud detection and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) are crucial for combating illegal activities. ADC provides efficient data science solutions that accurately identify fraud using flexible algorithms. We help financial institutions mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and focus on growth. Our ethical AI approach optimises AML processes, saving time and resources while safeguarding against penalties and reputation damage.

Responsible Investing

Financial institutions are confronted with rising ESG demands driven by sustainability. Swift regulatory changes necessitate integrating climate and environmental risks, but incomplete data structures risk non-compliance and reputation harm. ADC can help with ESG analysis and regulatory alignment, ensuring immediate value and transparency. This safeguards institutions against adverse consequences, helping them meet evolving responsibilities.

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Customer Excellence

Financial institutions grapple with ongoing challenges in delivering excellent customer service: persistent customer expectations for transparency, cost-efficiency, and versatile employees. The rise of technological possibilities amplifies these demands. In response, ADC offers a three-step solution: firstly, understanding existing processes, then selectively enhancing them with AI to free up human capacity, and ultimately, orchestrating holistic, data-driven customer journeys to maximise efficiency.

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Data services we provide for financial services

We are impact-driven and collaborative data and AI consultants who help you with:


We help you to make the right choices and do the right things with a clear strategy and smart insights.

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We help you to get a grip on complexity. We create a clear data infrastructure, automate processes and reduce costs.

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We unlock your data to show the regulator that your organisation manages risks and is compliant to all regulations.

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We help you discover new ways in which your data can generate value for your organisation.

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