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Create positive impact with ADC's expertise in advanced analytics

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What is ADC's Analytics Competence Centre?

We accelerate the positive and responsible adoption of data and AI, specialising in developing intelligent algorithms that extract valuable insights from extensive data. Our focus is on enabling data-driven decision-making and predictive capabilities through smart algorithmic solutions.

Our expertise extends to building robust models in regulated environments and implementing the latest technologies—such as computer vision, LLMs, and privacy-enhancing technology—safely and ethically. We prioritise practical applications, ensuring that the integration of cutting-edge technology serves a purpose and delivers tangible results for your organisation. This includes an end-to-end process, following ideation, experimentation, governance, and stable and efficient production.

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Large Language Models

Large Language Models (LLMs) are transforming human-machine interactions with natural text interfaces, facilitating easy access to information, and democratising its availability. These models excel in language tasks like text generation, search, and named entity recognition, offering transformative opportunities across various industries. However, implementing LLMs involves challenges such as selecting appropriate applications, ensuring accuracy, customising for specific data, and maintaining data security. ADC assists organisations in identifying valuable use cases, testing, and implementation.

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Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) technologies are breaking down barriers for realising the full potential of sensitive data without compromising on privacy concerns. Technologies like synthetic data, multi-party computation, and federated learning serve as a catalyst for collaborative research and development.  ADC helps identify the most suitable technology, implements it in your infrastructure and processes, and ensures positive impact is achieved.

Computer Vision

In today’s world more and more visual information is being captured by cameras. Using computer vision to process this information and automate processes has a transformative potential in multiple industries. ADC helps organisations find the most relevant use cases that can be enabled with Computer Vision through design sprints and experiments to prove its value. Through our partnership with Robovision, we can also execute comprehensive implementations on a scalable platform, supported by a robust governance structure to create real impact.

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Stay informed with the latest data and AI trends

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Expand your knowledge and gain valuable insights by tapping into the expertise of our industry and domain experts. Our insights will provide you with a deeper understanding of the latest developments and trends in your field, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay ahead in your industry.


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Data services we provide to your organisation's analytics

We are impact-driven and collaborative data and AI consultants who help you with:


We help you discover new ways in which your data can generate value for your organisation.

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We help you to get a grip on complexity. We create a clear data infrastructure, automate processes and reduce costs.

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We unlock your data to show the regulator that your organisation manages risks and is compliant to all regulations.

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We help you discover new ways in which your data can generate value for your organisation.

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