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Redefining AI R&D with GPT-4o to Embrace a Comprehensive and Pragmatic Approach

The rapid evolution of AI technology challenges traditional R&D approaches. This week's release of GPT-4o…
Healthcare & Life Sciences

Highlights of Denmark’s Inaugural OMOP Roundtable

Have you ever felt deeply invested in a particular domain within your own community, only…
Financial Services

IRB or Standardised Approach Under Basel IV: Insights from a Financial Services Round Table Event

Every now and then this topic comes back in board discussions at banks: Is it…
EventsHealthcare & Life Sciences

Event: Join Us at the First OMOP Roundtable in Denmark

Join us for the inaugural gathering of the Danish OHDSI community, co-organised by ADC Denmark…
About our peopleAnalytics

The AI Revolution: From Excitement to Deployment and Its Impact on Jobs

In the ever-evolving landscape of AI, 2024 marks a pivotal turning point. What was once…
Financial Services

How Can LLMs Assist in Credit Risk: Use-Case Guidelines on the IRB Approach

Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT have sparked a wave of excitement and speculation of…
New cybersecurity regulation what does it mean for you
Public & Society

New Cybersecurity Regulation: What Does It Mean for You?

Last week, the outgoing Dutch Minister of Justice and Security sent a letter to parliament…
EventsFinancial Services

Register for ADC Denmark’s Event on the Revised EU Banking Package and Data Challenges in the AI Era

How is your organisation tackling the implementation of the upcoming EU banking package in a…
Financial Services

EU Banking Package Revisions and Navigating Data Challenges in the AI Era

As the final text for a revised EU banking package has been agreed, the clock…

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