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What is ADC's Strategy Competence Centre?

We drive the positive and responsible adoption of data and AI by identifying how these technologies can transform your organisation. Our strategic focus involves devising tailored strategies that pave the way for successful implementation and organisational transformation.

ADC’s approach enforces alignment between data fundamentals and organisational context, applications, and strategy. Our services extend to strategic planning, including workshops, design sprints, and case assessments, to implement transformative strategies.

Connect with us to discuss the possibilities and start your data-driven journey towards maximising the impact of data and AI through a robust strategy.

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Data-Driven Transformation

In today’s competitive landscape, data-driven companies lead the way. Business leaders recognise the importance of data transformation but often struggle with alignment, change management, and costly handover phases. ADC’s approach enforces alignment between data fundamentals and organisational context, applications, and strategy. We tailor solutions, whether it is a workshop, design sprint, or use case assessment, to ensure data efforts align with strategic objectives.

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Data Maturity Assessment

Organisations that lead in data maturity outperform their competitors by making more informed decisions and responding quickly to changing circumstances. However, many leaders are unaware of their data maturity including governance, quality, and infrastructure compared to competitors. ADC addresses these challenges by offering a data maturity assessment, evaluating organisations across five key pillars. Our team of experts empowers organisations to solidify their data fundamentals and make strategic decisions with confidence.

Responsible AI

The growing significance of AI as a business catalyst has elevated the demand for ethical AI integration. Factors like the upcoming EU AI Act and the public’s apprehension about AI’s impact drive the need for it to be executed in a responsible and regulated manner. However, using AI responsibly is more complex than it appears on the surface, with many different aspects, ranging from governance and behaviour of employees, to specialised tooling and techniques. From data bias assessment to explainable AI, ADC ensures our solution aligns with your strategic goals, evaluating its direct and indirect impact, mapping its organisational use, and reinforcing governance for responsible AI implementation.

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Expand your knowledge and gain valuable insights by tapping into the expertise of our industry and domain experts. Our insights will provide you with a deeper understanding of the latest developments and trends in your field, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay ahead in your industry.


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We help you to make the right choices and do the right things with a clear strategy and smart insights.

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We help you to get a grip on complexity. We create a clear data infrastructure, automate processes and reduce costs.

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We unlock your data to show the regulator that your organisation manages risks and is compliant to all regulations.

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We help you discover new ways in which your data can generate value for your organisation.

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