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Create positive impact with ADC's expertise in UX and design

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What is ADC's Design Competence Centre?

We understand the pivotal role design plays in today’s competitive landscape. Leveraging design sprints, design thinking, and a dedication to product ownership, we ensure your product not only boasts an attractive appearance but also resonates with users.

Our focus extends to impactful data visualisation, making complex information user-friendly. We develop solutions and visualisations that are intuitive and engaging, empowering stakeholders to easily understand and act upon complex data. Excelling in rapid prototyping, iterative processes, and experiment design, we facilitate data-driven decisions. At ADC, we go beyond aesthetics, creating experiences that drive real impact.

Ready to maximise the potential of data and AI? Contact us to start a conversation about your possibilities. Let us transform your user experience and design into a strategic advantage.

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Services we provide


We help you to make informed decisions and drive success with a clear strategy and smart insights


We help you to get a grip on complexity. We create a clear data infrastructure, automate processes and reduce costs.  


We unlock your data to show the regulator that your organisation manages risks and is compliant to all regulations.


We help you discover new ways in which your data can generate value for your organisation.   

Design Thinking for User Experience

Many organisations struggle with effective data visualization and implementing a design thinking approach in their organisational challenges. At ADC, we guide your teams through workshops to understand your business goals, achieve cross-functional alignment, and generate innovative ideas focused on user needs. By fostering a user-centric approach, we help your organisation overcome these challenges and drive success in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

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Design Workshops

Navigating complex business challenges and refining innovative solutions is attainable through Design Thinking workshops. Our tailored Design Sprint workshops guide you through six key stages: discovery to define goals, ideation for innovative solutions, solution alignment, roadmap planning, prototype creation, and validation through user feedback. This approach empowers you to efficiently tackle unique challenges and drive innovation.

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Stay informed with data and AI trends

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Expand your knowledge and gain valuable insights by tapping into the expertise of our industry and domain experts. Our insights will provide you with a deeper understanding of the latest developments and trends in your field, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay ahead in your industry.



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