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Transforming to a data-driven society that is secure, efficient and cost-effective

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Create real impact by accelerating the positive and responsible adoption of data and AI.

Digital citizenship that is serviced and regulated by a data-driven government will be the norm by 2025. But many public service bodies are wondering how to achieve digital transformation. How can it be done responsibly and ethically? And how can they shift mindsets?

For the first time in history, we can access true data-driven intelligence, thanks to data and AI. It enables new ways to improve efficiency, innovation, cost effectiveness and security. We can help you achieve responsible and ethical use of data and AI by making it ACE: Accountable, Compliant and Explainable. And help your organization to embrace data-driven solutions.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities and start your journey towards maximising the impact of data and AI in the public industry.

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What we do

The convergence of data and AI has led to transformations across the public sector. ADC helps public organisations navigate these changes through our core competences that involve strategic advisory, data engineering, analytical insights, and innovative design. We work together with our clients to advance data-informed strategies, streamline governance processes, and inform decision-making, ultimately driving positive impact within the public domain.

At ADC, we specialise in leveraging data to drive organisations’ decisions, efficiency, compliancy and innovation. Our expert guidance enables you to improve data infrastructure, quality and governance, develop data-driven solutions, and establish a common way of working across your organisation to create real impact with data and AI.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities and start your journey towards maximising the impact of data and AI in the public industry.

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Data-Driven Transformation

Public organisations seek to harness data more effectively, but often lack a clear implementation path. ADC provides a structured approach, assessing current data use, creating practical data strategies, validating them through discussions and workshops, and providing support throughout the entire implementation to make both immediate and long-term impact. Our solutions cover the entire data spectrum, offering expertise and support to enhance decision-making, improve public services, and boost efficiency across various data maturity stages.

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Impact Measurement

NGOs and government organisations aim to increase their impact through data-driven solutions and initiate impact measurements to render their efforts more measurable, explainable, and communicable. Our expertise combines domain knowledge, data-driven capabilities, and technical proficiency to make impact practical, comprehensible, and communicable. This empowers these organisations to maximise their influence, effectively convey their mission, and improve strategies using data.

Responsible AI

The challenge of translating ethical AI principles into practical tools and metrics is compounded by the impending AI Act, which will reshape AI governance. Through ADC’s unique blend of technical and ethical AI expertise, we help public organisations navigate this shift, transforming abstract principles into actionable processes, governance, and policies for responsible AI. With our comprehensive approach, we guide organisations in achieving ethical, trustworthy, and compliant AI practices.

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New advancements in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and data analytics pose challenges and create opportunities for the public sector. Increasing regulations necessitate proactive measures for information security and ethical AI. As organisations digitise, their reliance on technology increases, exposing new vulnerabilities and avenues for competitiveness. ADC collaborates with the public sector, streamlining operations and bolstering cybersecurity through data and AI. Our solutions expedite incident response, simplify audit-preparation, and automate reporting to meet NIS2 regulations, providing tailored solutions for strengthened cybersecurity.

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Expand your knowledge and gain valuable insights by tapping into the expertise of our industry and domain experts. Our insights will provide you with a deeper understanding of the latest developments and trends in your field, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay ahead in your industry.

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Data services we provide for public organisations

We are impact-driven and collaborative data and AI consultants who help you with:


We help you to make the right choices and do the right things with a clear strategy and smart insights.

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We help you to get a grip on complexity. We create a clear data infrastructure, automate processes and reduce costs.

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We unlock your data to show the regulator that your organisation manages risks and is compliant to all regulations.

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We help you discover new ways in which your data can generate value for your organisation.

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