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How can ADC create impact in your Life Sciences organisation?

✔ Flexibility and Scalability: Enable advanced clinical data insights with solutions that grow with your organisation.

✔ Transparency on Clinical Trials: Gain visibility into clinical data and using standardised data formats for enhanced decision-making.

✔ Unified Platform: Connect diverse data types, creating a dynamic, collaborative, and unified platform.

✔ Seamless Access and Collaboration: Foster a community across Research & Development, and Commercial departments.


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Why choose ADC's Harmonisation & Standardisation solutions for Life Sciences?

Here is what sets our Harmonisation & Standardisation solutions apart:

Who we are: Dedicated to creating positive impact with ethical data and AI-powered transformations to healthcare and life sciences, we blend strategic thinking with tangible results. ADC collaborates with organisations, operating in partnership with you rather than merely for you, aiming to create a lasting impact.

What we do: Our advanced algorithms and harmonisation techniques deliver standardised data, minimising inconsistencies and facilitating the creation of reliable insights and accelerated evidence creation. With a dedicated emphasis on compliance and security, our solutions ensure confidentiality and adherence to industry standards. Furthermore, our scalable solutions adapt to the evolving needs of your organisation, including robust data management, streamlined processes, and meaningful insights.

Choose us as your trusted partner in implementing harmonisation & standardisation solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can harmonisation and standardisation benefit my life science organisation?

In research, they expedite the discovery of predictive biomarkers and enable novel analyses for identifying drug targets.

During development, these measures enhance the prediction of patient responses, facilitate AI-driven patient recruitment, and improve the scalability of scientific trial simulations.

In the commercial sphere, they identify label expansions through untapped randomised controlled trial (RCT) data, supporting indirect treatment comparisons for more informed decision-making.

What challenges can harmonisation and standardisation address?

  1. Visibility Issues: Lack of insight into existing data sources.
  2. Siloed Data: Diverse data sources with challenging access.
  3. Non-harmonised data structures: Without data harmonisation is impossible to connect data across trials
  4. Ad Hoc Solutions: Solutions developed in isolation, limiting collaboration.

Is my data secure with ADC?

Yes, we are ISO-certified and prioritise data security. We follow strict compliance standards.

How can I get started with ADC?

Simply click the “Book Your Free 30-Minute Consultation” button, and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

What types of projects have you worked on in the life science sector?

We have worked on projects for leading pharmaceutical organisations to modernise production planning, improve efficiency of clinical trials, and facilitate the sharing of data internally. Additionally, we have experience applying a wide range of techniques, including synthetic data, harmonisation and standardisation, and cloud innovation.

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