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In a world where technology and digital transformation are evolving at an unprecedented pace, nearly every aspect of life – whether you’re looking as a business or as a private person – is touched by this rapid advancement. At both ADC Data & AI Consulting and Partisia, we believe that the future lies in utilising the power of data. Learn more about our partnership below.

When you enable data, your decision making becomes data-driven

Data-driven insights can unlock huge potential, driving innovation, efficiency, and competitive advantage. By leveraging advanced analytics and AI, companies can make more informed decisions, predict trends, and personalise customer experiences.

"We are very pleased by this partnership and we're looking forward to collaborating with ADC and we believe that we’re looking into a future of both innovation and growth."

Mark Medum BundgaardChief Product Officer, Partisia

Responsible Data and AI Practices

As we navigate this digital and data-centric future, it is crucial to adopt responsible data and AI practices. Ensuring data privacy, security, and ethical AI usage not only builds trust but also sustains long-term growth and societal benefit.

By combining ADC’s expertise in helping companies and organisations implement responsible data and AI solutions with Partisia’s cutting-edge technology within confidential computing, we believe that this partnership will set a new standard in the market. Together, we are entering a new era of excellence and innovation.

"We're excited about the opportunities privacy enhancing technology has to offer. Partnering with Partisia opens up doors to collaborative projects where we help clients build innovative, cutting-edge solutions, while keeping sensitive information private and being fully compliant. We see great things and positive impact with data & AI ahead as we partner with Partisia on this journey."

Joost VeenkampAnalytics Manager, ADC

Driving Value Through Innovation

This partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both companies to deliver unparalleled value to their customers, foster innovation, and drive growth for their customers.

"To utilise data effectively, we must ensure it is fully protected. This means individuals not only understand how their data is being used but also have confidence that it is securely safeguarded. This is where confidential computing comes into play."

Mark Medum BundgaardChief Product Officer, Partisia

Protecting Personal Data

Enabling data empowers companies to make value-driven decisions. However, the data these companies gather often contains a significant amount of personal information, making its protection paramount. By using the Partisia Platform and its underlying technology, Confidential Computing, companies can collect, store, and compute on data while keeping it fully encrypted, ensuring that no personal information is exposed.

"Many companies possess valuable data but have yet to discover the optimal methods to activate, enable, and compute it."

Mark Medum BundgaardChief Product Officer, Partisia


A Data & AI Consultancy that accelerates the positive and responsible adoption of data and AI. At ADC, we combine industry and domain expertise with strategy and execution, using a comprehensive and pragmatic approach. Our focus extends beyond data fixation, encompassing people, processes, and technology to drive real impact for organisations. We see data as an integral part of a larger whole, enabling organisations to create meaningful outcomes.


An innovative software company and a trusted partner empowering companies to operate and compute encrypted data. Providing a platform where data from individuals, governments and private companies are able to stay encrypted and protected, and still fully enabled. Partisia is founded by global pioneers within Multiparty Computation and advanced cryptography.

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