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To help organisations convert the potential of data-driven innovation into social impact in a responsible manner, Amsterdam Data Collective (ADC), Hooghiemstra & Partners, and Publyon have joined forces. We are Het Innovatiecollectief (The Innovation Collective).


A Responsible Approach to Innovation

Organisations that want to become more innovative and data-driven are facing increasingly complex questions. The use of (big) data and AI offers a wealth of opportunities, but also comes with risks related to privacy, governance, and well-being of people. The challenge to innovate responsibly is at the intersection of technology, law, and society.


What Is Het Innovatiecollectief?

Het Innovatiecollectief combines the expertise of three consultancy firms specialising in data science, privacy, and public affairs.

Our multidisciplinary teams offer integral analysis and scalable solutions based on the responsible by design principle. This way, we jointly contribute to positive social impact through data-driven innovation.


How Does Het Innovatiecollectief Work?


  • Design:
    Through interactive sessions, we jointly define and concretise your objectives and strategy. We identify and prioritise the steps that need to be taken and integrate this into a clear roadmap to help you move forward.


  • Validate:
    Based on our multidisciplinary expertise, we translate (organisational) objectives into concrete actions and processes that are necessary to embed data-driven innovation within your organisation. Think about feasibility scans, investment plans, or technical blueprints.


  • Apply:
    We support the development and implementation of data-driven innovation. This includes not only technical solutions, such as tools, dashboards, and data models, but also ensuring legal compliance and implementing an effective public affairs strategy.


Lisanne Kramer (Hooghiemstra & Partners), Elianne Anemaat (ADC), Roeland Coomans (Publyon), Thijs Drouen (Hooghiemstra & Partners), and Rik van der Woerdt (ADC) celebrate the launch of Het Innovatiecollectief.


“I have had the privilege of working with Het Innovatiecollectief. Thanks to their integrated approach, our public affairs roadmap is not only socially responsible, but also legally and technologically validated. This gives a lot of confidence to partners who are interested in joining our programme. I am very satisfied with our cooperation. The team is very professional and a pleasure to work with. Communication went smoothly and I would without a doubt recommend this consortium. Thank you!”

-Marco Hanegraaff, Multi Intelligence Center 


Want to know more?

Are you ready to ensure that your data-driven innovation is properly secured on a legal, technological and political-social level? Get in touch with Elianne Anemaat.


Let's shape the future

Do you want to learn more about the Public Practice services offered at Amsterdam Data Collective? Reach out to Elianne Anemaat (The Netherlands) or Sofie Lohmann (Denmark and Sweden).

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