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Each September, our team spends one week working together on pro bono projects. This year we are celebrating the first Collective Week that will also include all three of our office locations: Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Stockholm! Keep reading to learn how your organisation can apply to be considered for one of the pro bono projects of 2023.


What is the Collective Week?

At Amsterdam Data Collective, we believe that using data science to make a positive impact is crucial in today’s society. While we often use our expertise to create value that can be monetised, we also understand the importance of supporting companies that make a positive impact in ways that cannot yet be expressed in monetary terms. That is why we are dedicating one week of our collective to pro bono projects.

Our teams in The Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden have helped organisations achieve their goals faster by identifying, co-creating, and implementing data science solutions. We create initiatives that enable organisations to anticipate change and help shape a positive future. This September, we want to work together on a project to help your non-profit organisation increase its data-driven impact.


What can you expect?

For one week, our entire Collective of experienced Strategists, Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and Support will work together to help you transform your idea into a concrete goal and work towards a proof of concept. And the best part? We will do it all for free!

You can read more about previous pro-bono projects we have worked on here.


What is the timeline?

-May: We will reach out by phone or email if we need more information
-June: We will contact the selected projects
-July: Preparatory period kicks off by transforming your idea into a concrete goal and preparing the data
-August: Enjoy our team working remotely for YOU from August 28th to September 1st
-September: Presentation of results to your organisation


How can you apply?

Please note that applications for the 2023 Collective Week are now closed.

If you have a project that aligns with our philosophy and primary goal of making a positive impact on society, we encourage you to apply below before June 23rd, 2023.

To be considered, the project should meet the following criteria:

-It should be a project for an organisation that would typically not be able to afford our services.
-It should not conflict with our current client projects.

What stage is your organisation in on its data-driven journey?

Discover your data maturity stage. Take our Data Maturity Assessment to find out and gain valuable insights into your organisation’s data practices.

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