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Developing Applications on GPT

A Practical Hands-on Workshop for Data Professionals

This event is tailored for professionals who already have a foundation in data and are looking to expand their expertise with the latest in AI technology. Our focus will be on the practical applications and strategic integration of LLMs to enhance data analytics and project outcomes.

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As the demand for sophisticated data analysis and AI-driven solutions continues to grow, data professionals are seeking ways to stay ahead in the competitive landscape. Large Language Models (LLMs) offer ground-breaking potential for enhancing predictive analytics, automation, and decision-making capabilities.

We are excited to announce a specialised half-day workshop at the ADC Amsterdam office, specifically designed for data professionals eager to integrate LLM technology into their skill set. This session will not only deepen your understanding of LLMs but also provide practical experience in implementing these models to elevate your data strategies.

Date & Time

May 29th, 2024 from 13:00 to 17:30


ADC Amsterdam Office
De Ruijterkade 7


€1000 per participant


– LLM Concepts: Delve into the latest advancements in LLM technology, designed for professionals seeking to deepen their expertise.
– LLM Implementation choices: Explore which setup is the most suitable for your unique organisation and how to strategically deploy LLMs within your existing data projects for maximum impact.
– Hands-On Azure AI Studio Session: Participate in an interactive workshop focused on LLM implementation using Azure AI Studio, tailored for data-driven initiatives.
– Governance and Compliance: Tackle the essential aspects of governance and compliance in LLM applications, ensuring alignment with regulatory standards.

Advancing data capabilities with LLMs

Transform your data projects and set a new standard in your professional journey by mastering Large Language Models. With limited seats available, register now to confirm your participation in this essential workshop for data professionals. The future of data is here—ensure you are at the forefront with advanced LLM expertise.

Why you should attend

– Enhance Your Data Expertise: Elevate your knowledge with advanced insights into LLM applications and strategies.
– Gain Practical Experience: Acquire hands-on experience in implementing LLMs within your projects, using state-of-the-art tools like Azure AI Studio.
– Strategic Advantage: Learn to strategically integrate LLMs into your data workflows, enhancing efficiency and outcomes.
– Compliance Knowledge: Master the intricacies of governance and compliance related to LLM usage in data projects.
– Professional Networking: Connect with industry peers, experts, and leaders in the fields of AI and machine learning.

Interested in a custom workshop for your organisation?

Our team of experts can help your organisation stay ahead with responsible exploration and implementation of the latest technologies. Contact Tom van der Woude (Manager, Advanced Analytics) to learn more.

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