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Data Maturity Assessment

Take our Data Maturity Assessment to find out and gain valuable insights into your organisation's data practices.

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Do you cultivate a data-centric culture where all members acknowledge the importance of data and possess the necessary skills to work efficiently with it?


Do you ensure the right data infrastructure is in place – collecting, storing, and making data easily accessible, reliable, understandable, compliant, and actionable throughout your organisation?


Do you optimise your data talent and adopt scalable data science models to maximise the impact across your organisation?


Do you empower your teams with data tools and frameworks that facilitate seamless and effective data utilisation across your organisation?


Do you implement workflows that enhance collaboration and uniformity in data-related activities, aligning efforts with business objectives?

The pace of change is relentless, and data science and machine learning are becoming integral to every organisation. However, not all are reaping strategic value from these initiatives. Becoming data-driven is a challenging journey that requires the right alignment between ambition and a data-driven operating model. That is why it is crucial to be aware of your organisation’s data maturity level to pinpoint major challenges and opportunities.

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To help organisations on their data-driven journey, ADC has developed a Data Maturity Assessment that identifies your current data maturity stage and consequently initiates points of improvement. By discovering your data maturity level, you can better determine the next steps required in working towards becoming a data-driven organisation.

Progressing your organisation to the next stages of data maturity will not only enable greater confidence in business decisions and offer clarity on business opportunities, but also help your organisation make more accurate predictions, improve its agility and capacity to scale, and create a generally higher operational efficiency.

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The Four Stages of Data Maturity

To unlock your organisation's full potential and navigate the dynamic landscape of today's business environment, data-driven excellence is key.

The four stages of data maturity in organisations provide a framework for understanding how companies evolve in their utilisation and management of data-driven practices. Each stage represents a level of sophistication and effectiveness in how an organisation handles its data assets and leverages them for decision-making and strategic planning. The four stages are as follows

Data Responding

Organisations use data sporadically and mainly to responding. It’s used for basic tasks without a structured approach.

Data Amplifying

Organisations start centralising data practices, using it more for decision-making, but often in departmental silos.

Data Innovating

Data becomes integral to the organisation’s operations, fostering cross-functional collaboration and advanced analytics for informed decisions.

Data Leading

Data is deeply ingrained in the organisational culture, driving innovation and strategic planning across all levels, with widespread data literacy.

It is important to note that transitioning through these stages requires not only technology investments, but also changes in organisational culture, leadership support, data governance, and skill development. Furthermore, data maturity does not end at the Data Leading stage, but instead needs to be continuously addressed to ensure organisational longevity.

Take our Data Maturity Assessment to find out and gain valuable insights into your organisation’s data practices.

After completing the questionnaire, our team of consultants will assess and evaluate your results, which will be communicated to you via email.

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