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A Transaction Monitoring Framework

to Reduce False Positives

Transaction monitoring models often produce many false positives; namely, legitimate transactions that are defined as suspicious or risky through the monitoring process. As a result, the operations teams at FI’s and PSP’s often waste valuable time and resources analysing and properly documenting every alert, including the many false positives.



  • The Challenge: Reduce false positives in transaction monitoring models.
  • The Approach: Assess the transaction monitoring framework and implement improvements in the Systemic Integrity Risk Assessment (SIRA).
  • The Solution: Redevelop the anti-money laundering and financial crime aspects of the SIRA.
  • Client Impact: Reduce false positives and increase operational efficiency.
  • Learnings: Address more than just the symptoms by applying a holistic approach where the SIRA, customer segmentation, detection methods and monitoring form a consistent framework.

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