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Implementing CSRD

Solving the biggest data and technology challenges of CSRD

Discover actionable insights, practical strategies, and real-world case studies in ADC’s downloadable presentation on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Designed to empower decision-makers and organisations, our guide helps you understand regulatory requirements, tackle key challenges, and implement effective solutions.


In this downloadable presentation, you will discover:

An overview of CSRD

Understand the latest regulatory landscape in the EU and how it impacts your organisation’s reporting requirements.

Key Challenges and Solutions

Learn about common obstacles faced by financial institutions and how ADC can help address them, including lack of clear strategy, data quality issues, and more.

CSRD Implementation Roadmap

Gain a bird’s eye view of the four phases of CSRD implementation, including insights into people, processes, data, and technology.

ADC's Approach

Discover how ADC empowers decision-makers across departments with tailored solutions and scalable tooling. Explore our range of services, from data gap analysis to data pipeline development, tailored to support your organisation at each stage of the CSRD journey.

Connect with our experts

My name is Lasse, and I am the author of this presentation and Senior Manager, Financial Services here at ADC. Our team has extensive experience in developing solutions that help streamline data management processes and create robust strategies. If you would like to receive this presentation personally from me or have a further discussion, then click the button below. 

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