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AI-Powered Chatbots

Transforming Customer Support
for a Global Insurance Leader

Our client, a major international insurance company,
wanted to boost customer engagement and satisfaction
using the latest AI technology. This led to the development
of an AI-powered chatbot designed to interact and assist
users on their website. Beyond just building the chatbot,
a key challenge was managing the risks associated
with deploying this new system.




Transforming customer support for a large insurance company seeking 24/7 service while mitigating costs.


Strategically initiating the use of LLM-powered chatbots, starting with domain-specific contexts, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Implementation & Solution

Utilising a two-model setup with LLMs and Retrieval Augmented Generation for accurate responses, deploying on Azure Cloud, and maintaining flexibility with a mixed internal-external development team.

Impact for client

Achieving 24/7 customer support across domains, engaging users with a user-friendly front-end, and initiating the company’s exploration into AI technology.

Learnings & Challenge

Discovering the importance of risk management from a project’s outset, refining accuracy through context adjustments, and identifying innovative ideas through collaborative brainstorming sessions.

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